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I can’t believe I haven’t posted about writing since August of last y ear!  The problem is, when you’re mired in work it is hard to think about blogging for yourself.

However, I should be coming up for air soon.  So stay tuned.

Does history justify “spamming” a nightclub.  Fun comparison.

The Mad Russian knows my work and decides to pay me a compliment. For the record, not only did I not pay him, I didn’t even ask him to write those nice things.

It has been awhile since I have blogged about the business–mainly because I’ve been too busy working on projects. But while the blog has stagnated, other areas have progressed. We are now an official company: Scroll & Quill Consulting LLC.

We also have a new service to add to our list. Read about it here (pdf download).

Chris, found this (I guess he checked his feed reader before I did) and it is quite educational.

1999: About $400, from Agent readers
2000: About $1000, from Agent readers
2001: About $1100, from Agent readers and a short story sale at Strange Horizons
2002: About $1000, from Agent readers
2003: About $6000, from Agent readers and from first part of advance for Old Man’s War
2004: About $5000, from Agent readers and from first part of advance for The Android’s Dream
2005: About $15,000, from second part of OMW advance, first part of The Ghost Brigades advance, advance for Agent to the Stars hardcover, and short story sale to Subterranean Press.
2006: About $67,000.

I had already begun to figure out something like this was true because a friend who introduced me to John C. Wright as fantasy writer (I already knew him for space opera), was excited to discover they both work for the same software company.

So remember to keep your day job!


scrollandquill.gif I already have a project and am working on getting another one under way. It is one of those “Don’t look down; keep climbing” periods in my life. There is much to do.

Among other things I haven’t done yet involves spelling out services and, as best is possible, rates. So far, I know I’ll be offering manuscript review (my wife has actually had a small business called the Write Review, so this is easy), ghost-writing, manuscript creation out of other materials (notes, audio, etc–this was basically one of my main duties as an assistant pastor last year), and illustrations (though a contact).

Just to give you an idea of what I’m trying to do, here are a few agencies I found on the web: