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This story is pretty terrifying to me.

In speaking with PayPal they told me that because I don’t have a shipping code or proof of delivery for a tangible product, I’m not covered by their Seller Protection Policy….  The only resolution of the claim was that, well, the credit card company is going to side with their own customer. I never received a response as to what the outcome was after I had put my case forward and supplied evidence of receipt of the product and service. The full transaction amount remained deducted and there was nothing I could do about it.

My policy has to been to wait until a mailed check clears.  I’m sticking to it.

SF author and freelancer John Scalzi has recently been blogging about money issues for writers. He just posted a link to this great personal story of how one writer got into the business. She is more of a “pure” freelancer than I am, writing for publication under her own name. What’s odd about this is that she mentions The Well-Fed Writer which, according to my memory, didn’t encourage pursuing magazines. That was John Scalzi’s advice, which is why I now own a copy of The Writer’s Market, which I have never used to find work (Though I have found another project for which it is necessary. No. Not a door jam. Something to do with publishing.)

But maybe her story will convince me to try something new, even though my chance of breaking into the biological sciences journal industry is approximately zero.


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