Websites for writers with low self-esteem

Let’s consider an analogy. Perhaps you have heard of Freecycle? Consider the precious items collected at this great humor blog, which we all know are genuine.

Freecycle — a fantastic community that’s also home to some of the most extreme social cluelessness and gaspingly funny avarice in the online world. This blog will document it all. Posts are reproduced unedited in their entirety, with only identifying information removed.

One might guess from this sort of phenomena that trying to find freelance work through a bidding website may not be a productive use of one’s time and energy. Here is one witness that such a guess is accurate. I’ll reproduce just a couple of his exhibits without his commentary:

I need someone to write 100 articles for a web site. I can only afford to pay $1 per article but this may lead to more work later. Also, all articles you submit will be checked through Copyscape.

I’m looking for someone to write 10 product reviews of (insert product type here). They need to be done quickly and I’ll pay $30. Just to be clear, that’s $30 for all 10, not per review.

I recently watched Arrested Development – Season One and got a sad chuckle at the mention of the video series, “Girls with Low Self-Esteem.” Wouldn’t it be great of sleazy productions would be that honest about what they are doing?

But it would also be a great title for one of these bid-for-a-writer sites.


The bottom line is that they are looking for people who think their work is of no value and their only hope for approval is to give it away cheap.

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