Dress for success, even when no one else sees you?

I used to work in a normal office with fellow workers in cubicles and rooms.

And I loved casual Fridays. I never wanted to dress up. Later, when I worked in an office by myself and had to go and visit people, I became aware of the help a “power tie” could offer. But I still preferred ultra casual.

Now I am a freelance commercial writer. I can dress down as much as I want on most days. Yet I increasingly find I hate being too casual. I prefer to avoid blue jeans for other more professional looking pants, and try to make sure my shirt at least has a collar.Why the change? As far as I can tell, I get a lot more work done if I dress like I’m working. For one thing, it provides a definitive start to my day. I walk out of the bedroom with a strong sense that I am now on the clock.

So I was glad to see that others think that dressing for work is an important key to productivity. Anna Goldsmith at Copyblogger includes, among her tips for successful freelancing, this gem:

Take off your pajamas. No, I’m not saying you should work naked, but dress like you’re going to the office. Because, guess what? You are. Even if your “office” is your kitchen table, putting on regular work clothes gets you into the right mind-set. It also makes it less embarrassing when the UPS man shows up in the middle of the afternoon.

Her other tips are great too!


  1. COD

    I do need to get up and shower if I have any hope of getting anything done. However, I am quite productive in shorts, a tshirt. Or this time of year, jeans and a sweatshirt.

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