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These look really helpful.

  1. Identify Your Productivity Zone
  2. When in the Zone, ONLY Write
  3. How to Stay Focused on Writing
  4. How to Accomplish More Writing (actually two tips)
  5. Reward Yourself for Getting Writing Done

17 years ago

I just found some publications from when I first got my start in this business, in at least one case going back to 1990!

Here is a slideshow.  I put some comments into the properties, especially regarding how I met my wife but I’m not sure the full content is visible.  Basically, it boils down to noticing that Jennifer Burkett’s name is always ahead of mine.  She was my supervisor and did such a great job that I made it a permanent position!  Only her last name is now the same as mine.

While I doubt my personal site will ever get to the level that it is noticed by copyblogger or problogger, I actually do make some significant money blogging for clients (not enough to live on, by itself, but more than pocket change).

It was all so simple at the start
The first time I started blogging for hire, it was easy. I just searched for terms related to my client’s company and found blog entry’s that were written and read by people who were likely to be interested in the same things I was interested in. I directed traffic there way and basically generated chit chat. Between Technorati and the Google search engine, I had all the tools I needed. The only thing left to do was to learn about SEO.

Stepping into Stepford

Eventually, however, I found a client whose expertise was in an area of interest to litigators, and that was when I discovered the spam blog. Before, it was as if I had a magic guide that would lead me through the crowd to a group that was talking about something that indicated I could meet their needs. I didn’t hard sell or anything. I just had to converse and wear my name tag.

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