Like a multi-layer cake, not replaceable baggage

Unlike Ms. Rivers, I typically never touch pen or pencil to paper. My father was geek enough that I had a home pc in the house by the time I entered junior high. Word processors are what I do.

Still, I share her conviction that writing is fundamental.

I hear some school systems in Maryland are talking about . . . doing away with teaching creative writing. With the advent of laptop computers, text messaging and other developments taking over mainstream communication, it seems some people don’t see the need to develop the creative thinking process or fine motor skills that come with the age-old technique of putting pen to paper.

I would say in response to this heartfelt column that the development of fine motor skills shouldn’t be confused with the issue of writing, and that reading quality literature is more likely to lead to good writing rather than the other way around. But I have to agree that it is misguided to believe that creative writing is passe.  Just because we now have means of communication that lend themselves to choppier, more terse, forms of writing, doesn’t mean that conventional forms should be left behind. New communication technologies should be seen as an addition, not as a replacement.

I write conventional books for clients, craft newsletter articles, and blog for hire. I don’t see why anyone would think they had to choose one or the other.

  1. COD

    One of the reasons I started blogging was to improve my creative writing skills. I hated creative writing in high school, although I really can’t remember why. With all the forms of creativity available to a person, I’d like to see the typical creative writing class allow a lot more flexibility in what is written. It is not important that everybody be able to write a poem. Let the poets gravitate towards poetry, let the story tellers gravitate towards short stories and novels.

    it is important that everybody write, but the way it’s taught in school actually discourages most kids, IMHO.

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