If ghostwriting has appeal as a bribe…

Here at Scroll & Quill Consulting LLC, we believe that writing and editing are valuable services that people can greatly profit from. That was confirmed to me just recently (albeit in a rather scandalous way) by an article I found on the Express Healthcare website entitled, “Should Doctors be Banned from Accepting Gifts from Pharma Companies?” I have no idea what the answer to that question should be. But I got a real thrill reading about my own service as something used to attract the attention and good will of doctors.

In January-February 2006, Pharma Marketing News, a monthly electronic newsletter published from Newton conducted an online survey on ‘Pharma gifts to physicians’. The areas of conflict in the context of free gifts to doctors were identified and responses were invited. Gifts were classified in many areas such as attending conferences, expenses on travel, ghostwriting services, free meals, sponsorship of speakers, research grants, drug samples, and continuing medical education.

How cool is that? I’m as attractive as a research grant, drug sample, or a free meal!


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